What We Do

Over a billion people a day access some part of technology we have designed or developed. We leverage 20+ years of technology innovation to brainstorm and grow your ideas with you, build prototypes and minimum viable products, conduct market tests, and push projects all the way through to production and far beyond your expectations.

Rapid Prototypes

Our rapid prototype development enables innovative companies to quickly develop a "proof of concept" and working models where idea streams can be tried, tested, and finely tuned. Our goal is to propel your ability to bring a final product to market, smarter and faster, and with a highly innovative edge. Your ideas or concepts are transformed by our top-tier architects and teams into solutions that we implement fast. Whether you need mockups for commercials or compelling product demonstrations for board meetings, investor review or focus group testing, we deliver unparalleled prototypes that lay the foundation for the creation of your market leading products.

Advanced Innovation Projects

We excel at taking our prototypes to the next level of development alongside your teams. Or, you may have proven concepts with your own technical plans and business expertise in place and you are ready to execute. Or, perhaps you need some flexibility in your scope of work that enables you to explore your options. We bring our proven innovation experience to accelerate your projects. We will manage your product development end-to-end or augment your teams with highly relevant technology and delivery expertise as your needs require.

Discovery Consulting

When you are formulating ideas and exploring how you might address a particular problem, and not completely sure of your needs - our team will review the problem, research solutions, and present examples or demonstrations of what is possible. We strengthen your ideation process and will assist with preparing your presentations, story-boarding, or kick start your RFP process. Whatever you need to secure support for your projects and emerging business undertakings, we are here to assure your success.

Technology Assessments

Knowing the strengths or weaknesses of your products, technology, roadmaps and development capabilities is vital to your success. We deliver the highly qualified and independent review or validation you are seeking. Our expertise is invaluable in support of investor and M&A due diligence, go-no-go decisions, and budget or organization planning activities. We will review whitepapers, perform code reviews, size-up team capabilities, evaluate project status, vet technology roadmaps and architecture, and assess your development processes. Our track record, and mastery of what it takes to deliver solutions and true innovation, translates to the insights you need to know where you stand and to make sound decisions for your business.



Why Choose Protovate ?

Our Clients Say It Best

Our Legacy of Success

Over a billion people a day access the technology and services we have designed and developed. We leverage 20+ years of technology innovation to brainstorm and grow your ideas with you, build prototypes and minimum viable products, conduct market tests, and push projects all the way through to production and far beyond your expectations.

Leading Edge Work

Over the last two decades we have kept our focus ahead of the curve, accurately anticipating the emergence, direction and potential of new technologies. We have invented ways of doing things that have never been done before, allowing us to do in days what other companies do in weeks or months.

Expertly Managed Projects

We are quick and adaptable, bringing the right team of experts to your project using the most advanced techniques available. We have refined our suite of project management tools to manage timelines, handle customer service, track productivity, resolve development issues , and deliver amazing results.

Our Clients

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brain pollack

Brian Pollack

Who We Are

Brian Pollack is the founder and CEO of Protovate. He has honed his passions for discovery, prototyping and delivering leading edge innovations over two decades. Through his skill and experiences, and mentoring of others, he has grown Protovate to a global business with the finest technology professionals around the world.

He is an award winning creator and developer with Master Class experience in numerous technologies. Brian has a vast range of technical and business acumen and believes the words “can't be done” have no place in driving our game changing innovations for our clients.

His early internet research and pioneering work with Nasa, GlobalCrossing and Microsoft set him on a path that has manifested in award winning products and technologies on behalf of the world’s top tier organizations.

From space communications, massively parallel gaming services, the rise of ecommerce, mobile applications, robotics, AI and machine learning, AR/MAR and VR immersive technologies - Protovate and Brian Pollack have led the way in showing the world what is truly possible.

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