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Protovate /pro-toh-vayt/

Proto: first, foremost, original + Innovate:

to introduce new ideas


We curate incredible talent
from around the planet.

Join our crew!

A future-forward

software outsourcing company

Protovate's past is rich with milestone moments in web development. Today, we continue this legacy by identifying and hiring the most skilled development talent from around the globe and pair them with our respected leadership. Our clients expect the best, and we deliver it.

Meet the crew

Our leadership team built and innovated products used by billions
around the world.

Brian Pollack

Founder, CEO

Brian’s early internet research and pioneering work with NASA, GlobalCrossing, and Microsoft set him on a path that has manifested in award-winning products and technologies on behalf of the world’s top-tier organizations.

From space communications, massively parallel gaming services, the rise of e-commerce, mobile applications, robotics, AI and machine learning, AR/MAR and VR immersive technologies, and more, Brian has led the way in showing the world what is truly possible. He built Protovate to bring together elite talent from around the world to redefine what it means to be a software outsourcing company in today’s dynamic, global marketplace.

Laura Giacoppo

Co-founder, Vice President

Laura has partnered with Brian since the beginning of the visual web, building foundational elements of the internet that billions use today. From launching some of the first internet providers in the U.S. and commercial websites across the world, to developing innovative products (including the first cross-domain shopping cart, cited by Amazon in their patent), and developing for mobile since the iPhone 1, her long career has helped shape our digital world.

Laura describes her role as the “answerer of all the questions, doer of things that need to get done.” She fosters our strong culture of teamwork and prizes seeing growth in our talented, global crew. She’s happiest when projects that start out simply as ideas come together as viable solutions for our clients (often beyond their expectations).

When she’s not working, and sometimes when she is, you can find her out somewhere exploring something in the Pacific Northwest.

Hemali Gadani

Director of Overseas Operations

Hemali is a key project management leader at Protovate, using her risk management acumen and critical thinking to deliver flawless work for our clients. She joined Protovate as a Junior iOS Developer in 2011 and was the youngest member of our team at the time. Since then, she has become an indispensable manager and client liaison. Hemali’s collaborative nature and flawless taste in music, bring depth and humanity to her technical prowess. She graduated from Gujarat University - Masters in Computer Applications and Information Technology, with a Gold Medalist distinction.

Minerva Adams

Executive General Manager, PMO Director

Minerva oversees all operations at Protovate as the company’s resident product and project management expert. Her career has spanned the development process from start to finish, from graphic design and writing code to strategic operations. Her experience and hands-on approach give her an exceptional ability to manage projects that deliver exactly what our clients need. And she should know: Minerva originally worked with Protovate as a client, later deciding to stay on and build the future with the team. She has a passion for everything technical, and is a “geeky gal” at heart.

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