Protov8: Our 8 Reasons Your Software Needs a Code Audit

Protovate Code Audit, Code Review

A software code audit analyzes source code with the goal of discovering bugs, breaches, and issues that affect  programming conventions.

Here’s 8 reasons why your software project needs one:

1. For Angel and Venture Capital investors, software code audits enable you to see the truth during mergers and acquisitions, hiring, and pre-funding.

2. Make the right choice when hiring a full-time engineer or agency, or evaluating your current development team.

3. Discovering weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your source code before launching your product will identify problems, mitigate risks, and save valuable time and money.

4. Codebases older than a couple of years are very prone to security issues and vulnerabilities that could cause serious, and sometimes unrecoverable, downtime.

5. Guidance for the technical development of your app when scaling and adding new features.

6. Check database security, data structure, data integrity, and eliminate vulnerabilities and the potential for breaches.

7. Evaluation of best practices for code structure speeds up code execution and ensures modules and libraries are safe, valid, and up to date.

8. An independent code audit gives you the unbiased set of eyes and expertise that will tell you the truth about your code.


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